Digital media is an evolving industry and has gained popularity in the advertisement world very quickly, due to its ability to promote the businesses efficiently and reaching the right target audience. This course will acquaint you with the best digital practices, and help you acquire practical skills to venture in the world of online advertising. By the end of this course, you will understand principles of online advertising and knowledge to kick start your career in an agency or advertise your business online.

Week 1:

    Understanding Digital media (Global Case Studies/ Transformation in past 5 years)

    Digital Media as a marketing touch point

    Digital jargons (Impressions / Reach/ Engagement) (Quiz)

    Difference between paid and organic with examples

Week 2:

    How does internet know so much about me? (Explain with SEO techniques)

    Hence, Digital Marketing allows you to reach out to the right audience eliminating wastage. (Videos)

    Businesses are shifting their advertising budgets to digital on big advertising platforms (Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Inmobi)

Week 3

    Programmatic vs direct buy

    How do we buy media online (Explain different buying modules- CPC, CPM, CPV, eCPV CPCV) examples of view count

    How do we decide on a buying module (map against objectives)?

Week 4:

Live dashboards (Google and Facebook)

Week 5

    Guest lecturer 1

    Guest lecturer 2

Week 6

    Assignments and Presentations


Participants will develop in-depth knowledge related to online advertising and will be equipped with practical skills to advertise their businesses on digital platforms while targeting their desired audience. The course will also enable to do paid marketing campaigns via social media platforms.

Note: This course is from an introduction to intermediate level of proficiency and is suitable for individuals who have, from no experience to up-to three years of experience in the field of study.

Days: Mondays and Fridays
Time: 06pm-08pm
Duration: For seven consecutive weeks. Starting from September 11, 2019. (14 Sessions in total).


PKR: 21,500


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Submit all assignments and projects given to you on time.


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